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Photoshop Tutorials Quick Selection

I am showing you How to select thing quickly in Adobe Photoshop. You also will know in this Photoshop tutorial something about quick color change. It is very easy Tutorial. You can see video tutorial at the end of the tutorial.


Select Quick selection tool. Choose brush size 10-20. Click on add to selection. Now hold your mouse and drag in side of the flower carefully. Don’t drag out side of the flower. Try to Select the flower perfectly.

If any area be  missing from selection. Reduce your brush size 1 or 2 then try to select the missing area. See in this picture in red bound below.

If any part include extra area. Click on subtract from selection. Then push the area to deselect the area from flower. Now zoom and check your hole flower. If you find another missing or including do same work.

After perfect selection, go to image menu > adjustment > Replace color. like below.

Click on eyedropper tool. then Click on hard color of the flower. Fuzziness 200.

Click on result color. Choose a perfect color Then OK.

Now Click on add to sample tool then click on color missing area. like below.

Final step
Now it is complete. Enjoy the Photoshop Tutorials.

To learn more You can see the video.



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