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Now I am showing you in this Photoshop tutorial How to create neon lines in Photoshop. You may also learn something about brush tool and using pen tool. We are describing the tutorial with screen shot (image) and video. You will see the video at the end of tutorial. let’s Go.


Open your desired picture. Now take a new layer
click on brush tool then select the selected brush and choose a proper brush size
like below picture

 Now select the pen tool and select path then start path like me or better than me.
in the time of path don’t close any path handle. It will be better.

Make sure your pen tool on the path then click right button of the mouse and select path stock.

Now will open like the below then select brush and mark the option simulate pressure then ok like below.

Go to layer menu > layer style > blending option. now you will  see like the below picture. check outer glow and double click on outer glow. Now make sure opacity 75%. choose a perfect color. size 5. Contour half round then Ok.

Now select the eraser tool then erase the line where you need

Final step
select pen tool and peek on path then click on right button of mouse then select delete path.

Enjoy the Photoshop tutorial. For more clean idea you can see the below video


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