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In this Photoshop tutorial, I am showing you how to remove fat from body by using Liquify tool. Look at the first Picture. To learn follow these steps or you can see our YouTube video at bottom. let’s Go.


At first remove the front thing. You can do this in many ways like brash tool, patch tool, eraser tool, Forward warp tool, pucker tool and more. I’m now using  patch tool to remove the front thing. (using brush tool is easier than patch tool.)


Select the thing’s area then drag and drop into blank space. Do this some times until see you white


Go to Layer menu then select duplicate layer then choose a layer name and click ok. (You can this many way)


Select the copied layer then go to filter menu and select Liquify.

Now take proper brush size according you image size. big brush size is good idea. then select Forward warp tool from the top.


Now push by warp tool carefully more time from more angle and drag if you need. You can change your brush size to perfect work.

Now small your brush and select pucker tool. click one or two in fat area to shrink fat area. After complete click on OK.

Now you can use crop tool to remove below part then it is complete but I don’t want to remove the part. So select the main layer and take brush tool with white color then brush.


like this picture.

Select clone stamp tool from tools to fill the bottom part of the picture like other part. first select the copied layer then press Alt+click on the pent area then drag blank area like next picture


marge down two layer or press Ctrl+E. Now use brush tool to do smooth and clean the picture.

Final step

 Now save your image. You can get more clean idea from the below video Photoshop tutorial Liquify

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