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Create Smile in Photoshop

Now I’m going to show you ‘how to create artificial smile in Photoshop’. I’m describing the Photoshop tutorial with screen sort (image) and video. You will know some thing about mask and puppet warp tool. you can see video at the end of tutorial. So let’s Go


Take a new layer then Select rectangular Marquee tool like below

Draw rectangle on lips then  press Ctrl+C (stay on background layer) to copy then Ctrl+V (stay on new layer) to past the selected area

Go to Edit menu then select puppet warp tool.

One click on right then one left then one top then one bottom of the lip

press Ctrl+H to hide the warp like below

Drag the right point top  and right Then drag the left point top and left and Drag more if you need to perfect then Press Enter

Now go to musk layer (layer > layer mask > reveal all) then Musk the layer and Select the brush tool with black color. Now brush on the layer without lip Do the job perfectly and carefully.

Final step
Enjoy the Photoshop tutorial

 To learn more about the tutorial You can see the video


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