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How to make Butterfly in Photoshop

In this Photoshop tutorial, I am showing you how to create butterfly in Photoshop. I am describing the tutorial with text, screen shorts (image) and video. The video tutorial at the end of the post. Let’s go to project. See the project picture.

Take a new document with proper size and white background.


Go to file menu then select place and take a butterfly picture from your computer.
Before You can take this picture from this link into your computer. Now press enter

take a new layer and fill with white color then make Opacity 50%.

Now start path on the new layer according to the picture layer. At first path two wings (not inside of the wings) and close the path then start again new path for body outline. like the below picture.

Open new path layer from path plate and start path again inside of the picture’s wings. You can path two wings in two path layer or one layer. I am taking two layer. like the below pictures

Now remove the picture (butterfly) layer. Take a new layer. Go to path plate then Ctrl+click on path-1 to select the path-1 like below


Fill the selected area with black color


Select the path-2 layer

Fill with red color

 Do same in the other part of path

Open a new layer then take brush tool with white color and make like below picture.

Marge down brush layer or press Ctrl+E. Then select the selection tool and press Ctrl+drag mouse.

Press Ctrl+T click on mouse right button and select flip horizontal then move into proper place.

Final step
Now path the middle of the body and fill with gray color then press Ctrl+Shift+I then brush the other body with black color

I am try to give you one idea. I think you can do this better than me If you take some time and carefully do this. You can see the video Photoshop tutorial “butterfly in Photoshop for more clean idea.

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