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How to change Hair Color in Photoshop


 In this Photoshop tutorial, I am going to show you how to design black hair in Adobe Photoshop. You know something about adjustment layer, carve, hue and saturation, selective color, brush tool and more. See carefully step by step to proper learn. YouTube video given at the end of tutorial. You can see the video for more clean idea. lest Go.


 Go to adjustment layer. Select selective color.

Now do like this (below) colors option reds. Black -3. Yallow -26, Magenta -29, Cyan +31.
Then group the layer or press Ctrl+G

 Take new layer. Go to adjustment layer. Select hue and saturation.

 Set option like me. Select red color from Mastar. Make Saturation -100. Select eyedropper tool
Click on any black space of the hair. add or remove eyedropper if you need.

 Select mask layer. Select brush tool with black color. Now brush only on the face and body not on the hair. Do carefully. like below pictures.

Go to adjustment layer. Select carve.

 Now down the carve line. Make sure that hair looking black.

 Keep the mouse pointer on previous mask layer then press Alt+drag and drop in new mask layer Or you can same brush like previous mask then OK.

 Take a new layer. Select brush tool with black color and brush where you looking something missing black color. Then reduce opacity 50% -60%.

 Take a new layer. Select brush tool. Take a color from (face color) near part of the face then brush hair side which stay on the face. if you need.

 Go to layer blend mode then select color mode then reduce opacity  60%-70%.

Final step
Select all layers and press Ctrl+G to group. Now enjoy the Photoshop tutorials black hair design.

You can see the video

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